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FD bloodworm

  • FD bloodworm
  • FD bloodworm
Model No.︰FD Bloodworm
Brand Name︰ATZ
Country of Origin︰-
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Product Description

FD blood worm---
1.100% nature high quality blood worm, by the advanced technology --freeze dried (wipe off the water under the vacuum), the finished products keep the racy flavor, element Fe and the Vitamin contents with fresh body.The freeze dried products are easy to save, the validity period is 2 years.

 2.From the storage aspect, the product is better than fresh body, because, virus is died after be freeze dried. In other words, there isn’t cross infection among the blood worm.

3.Because the additive doesn’t exist in our products, it can’t pollute the water which is main disadvantage of compound fish food.

4.Our product main contain two kinds of blood worm: “S” is mean to small blood worm and “L” is mean to large blood worm.

“S”—small blood worm, which is taken as resource of freeze dried fish food till now, is existed in South China. All of them are false nursing. The small blood worm that is taken from big scale of breeding pond has following characters:quality and quantity of products is steady, the mud and sand are absence. Although the color of this insect is fresh, its body is so small that we mainly export to overseas by deepfreeze ( granule freeze cake ).

The main kinds of fish that is fitted to feed with small blood worm:

①Cichlids ②Discus, red-parrot ③goldfish ④small fish in float grass and zoology vat

5.elements analysis:

crude protein min:52%

crude fat min:5%

crude fiber max:4%

crude ash max:8%

moisture max:10%

Specifications︰FD bloodworm
natural taste
packed by 6-8kgs per carton
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